What You Will Gain From Completing This Course:

  • Discover the true meaning of CI/CD in Salesforce. Get past the buzzwords and learn what it really means to set up CI/CD in Salesforce.

  • Master the core SFDX commands for CI/CD and unlock the secrets of the three core SFDX commands relevant to CI/CD.

  • Learn the core Git commands for a Salesforce CI/CD workflow without getting bogged down with details on how Git works; learn only what you really need to know

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to SaltoLeap!

    2. Overview and prerequisites

    3. Course Outline

    4. Recap of SFDX

    5. A note from the author

    6. Project Setup (Optional)

    1. The SFDX username

    1. Metadata API

    2. Tooling API

    3. Intro to retrieving metadata

    4. Org browser

    5. Populating the package.xml

    6. A note on sfdx vs sf

    7. SFDX Commands

    8. Recap on retrieval methods

    1. Chapter intro

    2. Deploying from vscode to org

    3. Comparing metadata

    4. Automatically deploy changes

    5. Deploy with CLI

    6. Using SDFX to deploy from one org to another one

    7. Deploying source packages

    8. Deleting metadata

    1. Scripting the CLI with bash

    2. Scripting the CLI with npm

    3. Fun fact

    1. Git intro

    2. Starting with Git

    3. Git branches

    4. Using Git with Github

    5. Git and the multiverse of madness!

About this course

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  • 32 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content


Pablo Gonzales

Salesforce Architect

Pablo is a Salesforce Architect at Salto. He is the developer of HappySoup.io and has 11 years of development experience in all things Salesforce.

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