Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    1. What is Continuous Integration (CI)?

    2. What is Continuous Delivery (CD)?

    3. What is a Salesforce Deployment Pipeline?

    1. #1: Choose a Sandbox Strategy

    2. #2: Choose Which Salesforce Metadata to Track in Git

    3. #3: Choose a Git Branching Strategy

    4. #4: Choose a CI Server

    5. #5: Choose What to Automate

    6. #6: Choose When to Automate

    7. #7: Creating the Pipeline Configuration (+ a Gift From Us!)

    8. #8: Recognize When to Use a DevOps Tool

About this course

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Pablo Gonzales

Salesforce Architect

Pablo is a Salesforce Architect at Salto. He is the developer of and has 11 years of development experience in all things Salesforce.

What You Will Gain From Completing This Course:

  • Avoid missed steps when setting up a Salesforce CI/CD pipeline You’ll know exactly what to look for to make sure nothing is left on the table.

  • Gain confidence in your CI/CD implementation skills Feel comfortable in your knowledge and start putting it to use.

  • Direct access to a handy resource you’ll use again and again This is one checklist you’ll want to come back to.

Boost Your Salesforce DevOps Knowledge